Inside Llewyn Davis

 Greenwich Village tends to get all the creditfor the folk-blues revival of the 1950s and early ‘60s, the Inside Llewyn Davis scene that nurturedBob Dylan and other great talents of the era. But as shown in the documentary Fo.. more

I Hate Hollywood

  Muchhas been made of the connection between the Coen Brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis and Dave Van Ronk’sautobiography, The Mayor of MacDougalStreet . To set things straight: the fictitious folksinger at the heart of.. more

I Hate Hollywood

 The Coen Brothers’ forthcoming film set in theearly ‘60s Greenwich Village folk scene, InsideLlewyn Davis , is loosely drawn from the autobiography of one of that scene’sleading lights. Dave Van Ronk’s The Mayorof MacDou.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The average life span of a band in Milwaukee is remarkably short. It seems as if the most promising groups the city has produced during the last few years have broken up right as they appeared poised for bigger and better things. Yet one ca... more

Local Music

On any sunny day on the beaches of Santa Cruz, Calif., a crowd might gather to hear a true world music hybrid, SambaDá. Formed by Brazilian immigrants and their Yankee neighbors, the band distills the easygoing lilt of bossa nova into a roc... more

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By many standards, the artist (Daniel Auteuil) is successful, an acclaimed painter in Paris and man of many mistresses; by those same lights, the gardener (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) leads a narrowly circumscribed small-town life. When the art... more

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