The Abele administration is giving the public a highly edited version of what really happened when the courthouse caught fire last summer, causing up to $12 million in damages, supervisors allege Read more

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Among the many reasons that Americans hold the House of Representatives in low repute—at historically abysmal levels, in fact—is the blatantly partisan and ideological Read more

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As of this writing, we don’t know if U.S. Attorney James Santelle will investigate the death of Derek Williams while in the back of a Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) squad car... Read more

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This week, Republicans on Capitol Hill opened yet another front in their continuous sniping against the Obama... Read more

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One unkind but perfectly understandable human reaction to the state's voters supporting a dishonest... Read more

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If the Wisconsin recall is truly second in importance only to the presidential race, as many media outlets... Read more

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This may seem like a naïve question coming from someone who lived through Watergate, but when did... Read more

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On Friday afternoon, Gov. Scott Walker's campaign quietly announced that it had set up a legal defense fund to pay for the governor's attorneys' ongoing work in the John Doe investigation. The fund has the Orwellian name... Read more

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