The newiPhone app Dog Land has given Milwaukee dog owners more of an opportunity tobond over their love for man’s best friend.What startedout as a final class project, has now grown into an online community withnearly 2,000 users worldwide. Si.. more

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Eco-friendly iPhone applications are sprouting up all over. They're convenient, quick, informative and fun. Here is a sampling of some great options covering a wide range of topics: Gorgeously Green Survival Guide: $.99 Developed by Sophie.. more

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Several of Gustav Mahler’s monumental and challenging symphonies have become staples in classical music, overshadowing the composer’s more intimate songwriting. Baritone Christian Gerhaher and pianist Gerold Huber would like to raise the pr... more

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In the drama Going to St. Ives, Lee Blessing takes an in-depth look at the interaction bet Going to St. Ives ,Today in Milwaukee more

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