Experts on each of the nations included in Roger Hardy’s chronicle of Middle East politics, The Poisoned Well: Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East, will probably find something omitted or amiss in his country-by-country assessment. Eve... Read more


PaulThomas Anderson was routinely classed with the generation of post-StevenSoderbergh indie filmmakers that emerged in the ‘90s. But as George Toleswrites in Paul Thomas Anderson , the director’s “stronger, more importanta.. Read more

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When Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina recently warned on national television that Chuck Hagel "would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of Israel in our nation's history Read more

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The brazen hypocrisy was stunning when Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson accused his opponent, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, of being soft on Iran, identifying President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad... Read more

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The mob that gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, Iran, to demand the extradition of the Shah, who had fled to America for cancer treatment as his regime crumbled, burned flags and effigies and punched... Read more

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History told as a graphic novel is nothing new, but Best of Enemies is a singular accomplishment, packing episodes little known and less understood into striking black-and-white frames crowded with imagery and ideas. The imaginative landsca... Read more


When President Obama disparaged "loose talk about war" against the theocratic regime in Tehran... Read more

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A Separation, which has already earned three prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival... Read more

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Nuclear weapons treaties are like currency exchange rates—always vitally important to the national interest, but often stunningly dull, not to say impenetrable. Yet Washington has suddenly been jolted awake by Republican threats to stall if... Read more

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Everyone remembers Lucille Ball from her 1950s TV show, “I Love Lucy,” but her career began years earlier in movies and continued on television for two more decades. A pair of her 1970s TV specials, “Lucy Gets Lucky” and “Three for Two,” will be.. Read more

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Fans of the shuttered Harry W. Schwartz Bookstore in Shorewood will be happy to hear that a new North Shore bookstore/café is in the works. According to Keith Schmitz, the proposed venture, dubbed Open Book, will be a co-op, like REI and Outpost N.. Read more

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The human toll of war understandably receives the most attention, but there’s anothe Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Given Nas’ inability to explain on his previous album exactly why hip-hop was dead, Nigger ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  In the fall of 1888, a series of five murders took place in London's Whitechapel di Ripper!- ,Theater Read more


GavinRossdale was never a particularly convincing tortured soul to begin with, butwith e Wanderlust ,Music Feature Read more

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  During a long career as a music writer,studio gopher and musician, Josh Alan Fried Tell the ,Books Read more


Bush The Delusional is trying desperately to gather support for an attack on Iran before he and Cheney move to Dubai. Here is what he said, as reported in the NYT, "Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere. So, the U.S. is streng.. Read more

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The Cactus Club, 10 p.m. Two of Milwaukee’s most novel new bands share this bill. Th Vanity ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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