No one should take pleasure from all the people being hurt by the Trump Family and Friends Republican Tax Cuts, but there’s some poetic justice in the collateral damage that those tax cuts will wreak upon Donald Trump’s supporters in Wisconsin. Read more

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“This is without question administrative error,” said Supervisor James “Luigi” Schmitt, chair of the Personnel Committee. Read more

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Five months after being warned that their pension payouts were in legal limbo and needed to be paid back to the county, Milwaukee County retirees are no closer to Read more

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Put yourself in Robert Angeles’s shoes.Back in 2005, the longtime Milwaukee County employee paid the county $30,513 of his own Read more

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Among the many reasons that Americans hold the House of Representatives in low repute—at historically abysmal levels, in fact—is the blatantly partisan and ideological Read more

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President Barack Obama won two national elections thanks, in large part, to his campaign’s ability to link his deep and wide grassroots support with the latest social Read more

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Let's state this very simply, so everybody will understand. The notion that Barack Obama is "Nixonian"—or that his administration's recent troubles bear any Read more

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Of all the no-no's in contemporary America—and there are many—none has proven more taboo... Read more

News Features 9 Comments is reporting that Mark Attanasio alone pulled the trigger on firing Ned Yost:Firing line: Sources say Attanasio made call to can YostBrewers owner Mark Attanasio, not general manager Doug Melvin, is the one who made the call to can mana.. Read more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man ohmanischewitz what a world, ain’a? And I don’t know about you, but I’mhaving one heck of a hard time believing it’s already the,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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