Isadora And Nijinsky

Theatre Gigante continued to show a playful sense of diversity in its programming this past weekend. The company has a delightful penchant for staging dazzling, little one-weekend shows that evaporate into memory almost as soon as they open. The.. more


Acclaimed Milwaukee artist Schomer Lichtner was working on a set design for Isabelle Kralj and Mark Anderson when he passed away in 2006. The artist, known for his whimsical paintings of Holsteins and ballerinas, had worked on several piece... more


Can Milwaukee stand beside the Paris of 100 years ago as a laboratory for the art of a new century? Since Milwaukeeans are not given to self-aggrandizement, the question will likely be met with pained laughter. But we are an exceptionally c... more

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This week’s humbling home series against the Colorado Rockies revealed some troubling cogs in the Brewers machine, including pitching problems and some spotty hitting. The Brewers will hope to iron out some of those kinks when they start an... more

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