Recent Blu-ray releases include director John Hughes’ Prizzi’s Honor, the documentary Obit., the Estonian war movie 1944 and the Eagles of Death Metal concert documentary I Love You All the Time: Live at the Olympia in Paris more

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In Anatomy of Terror: From the Death of Bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State, Ali Soufan, a bestselling author and Lebanese-born former counterintelligence operative for the FBI, writes in swift journalistic strokes about the leading ... more

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The proposed destruction of historic Native American burial mounds in Wisconsin may not be as dramatic, but it is just as distressing as the attacks on the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the relics of Palmyra. more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recent statements on the campaign trail show that he is becoming as dangerous as former Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who destroyed lives by smearing them for their political beliefs. Walker recently compared peaceful ... more

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Wisconsinites, moderates andprogressives everywhere are upset—and it’s completely justified—by Gov. Scott Walker’s comparisonof peaceful Capitol protesters to ISIS.He tried to backtrackon his comments, but we all know it’s BS.And he knows h.. more

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They should have been bigger. After putting out two strong EPs, 2010's Failures and 2011's Shallows, Milwaukee-based post-metal band Maidens are breaking up. Thankfully, they will be... more

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Israeli producers Kartick & Gotam deliver a melodious stream of music that flows from the Eastern Mediterranean through India. The electronic soundscape incorporates classical Indian vocals and a Tajik accordionist on an aural journey that ... more

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