JÓNsi Of Sigur RÓS

Essayist John Hildebrand opens his new book, TheHeart of Things: A Midwestern Almanac , by addressing the region’s depiction inmovies. In Hollywood, “the Midwest is the place we’re forever leaving—for bigcities or the coast or more open spaces .. more

I Hate Hollywood

The thing about prog music—and many prog musicians are acutely aware of this—is that it's often pretty ridiculous. From the grandiose operatic undertones to the run-on song structures, the fantastical lyrics and the heaps of studio effects, the wh.. more

On Music

After a memorably bizarre breakthrough performance as George McFly in 1985’s Back to the Future, Hollywood outsider Crispin Glover continued to act in major films—including this year’s Alice in Wonderland and Hot Tub Time Machine—b more

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