J.G. Ballard

 J.G.Ballard attracted avid readers with the publication of his first novel, TheDrowned World (1962), a story of global warming long before the topic was hot,but the general public knows him best for Empire of the Sun . Steven Spiel.. more

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“Soon it will be too hot” is a great opening line for a novel, especially one about global warming. As Martin Amis writes in his introduction for the anniversary edition of The Drowned World, prescience isn't everything, yet J.G. Ballard& more

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J.G. Ballard's final novel before his death in 2009 offers an almost apocalyptic picture of darkness festering in the shadows of suburbia and the emptiness of a society constructed only for consumption. A murder mystery and a bizarre shooti... more

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In a June 2009 interviewwith Sam Tanenhaus, editor of TheNew York Times Book Review, nove The ,Books more

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