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Based on a true story, Everest sketches out the dangers of climbing the world’s tallest peak. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley and Josh Brolin.Reissued together on DVD, Robert Mugge’s Hawaiian Rainbow (1987) and Kumu Hula: Ke... Read more

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With a screenplay that is a hopelessly melodramatic regurgitation of hackneyed clichés from the hoary genre of boxing films, director Antone Fuqua’s Southpaw is a disappointment. Read more

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Adapted from the 2011 bestseller by British author S. J. Watson, this thriller introduces Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), a 40-year-old woman unable to retain new memories once she goes to bed each night. Awakening daily to a home she does... Read more

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Josh Holloway takes a starring turn as Jason Blake, a one-time championship basketball coach with a lot left to prove when he’s recruited to field a winning dance crew by Los Angeles hip hop mogul Dante (Laz Alonso). The pressure’s on since... Read more

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The story of Philippe Petit, the Frenchman who walked on a tightrope between the Twin Towers in 1974, has been told on film in the excellent 2008 documentary Man on Wire. Petit's amazing feat also became a Caldecott Award-wining children's story b.. Read more

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This is so discouraging,” Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick said of the state budget, which failed to include a sales tax increase to support transit, parks, cultural assets and emergency medical services for Milwaukee County. Read more

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