Jakob Dylan

Following his two-decade journey from The Wallflowers to record-store discount bins everywhere, Jakob Dylan has quietly reinvented himself over two solo albums in the vain of Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen. 2008’s Seeing Things painted the ... more

Apr 28, 2010 12:00 AM Album Reviews

When Public Image Ltd., the post-Sex Pistols band of singer John Lydon, announced its first live shows in 17 years late last year, few people would have pegged Milwaukee as one of the band’s stops, but the band will stop at the Pabst Theater on Fr.. more

Mar 8, 2010 1:29 PM On Music

Today is arguably one of the busiest sports days of the year. Thisyear, it's even busier with the inclusion of the World BaseballClassic. But even the WBC was smart enough not to schedule the USA fortonight, knowing they'd get no ratings agains.. more

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The Journal has had a string of articles highlighting individual players on the roster that's worth checking out.Ryan BraunPrince FielderJ.J. HardyMike CameronCorey HartBill HallRickie WeeksTrot Nixon and Chris DuffyManny ParraBench Players - spec.. more

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Immaculately composed and lit like a series of moving paintings, The Reader is a coming-of The Reader ,Film more

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   Withthe Wallflowers on hiatus, the band's frontman, Jakob Dylan—who ha   Seeing Things ,CD Reviews more

Jul 21, 2008 12:00 AM Album Reviews

Jakob Dylan first made a name for himself with The Wallflowers. Bob’s son and his band mainstream recognition with the 1996 release Bringing Down the Horse. The album also contained some hits for the band, including “6th Avenue Heartache” and the... more

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