Jamie Lee Rake

Jamie Lee Rake is a freelance writer based in Waupun, Wis. whose wide breadth of tastes in and studies of music and food put him in good stead to write about those very things for Shepherd Express. He aspires to make more of his living by way acting and voice-over work, so if you like his writing, you may want to see or hear him as well. When he's not consuming, reading or writing about food and music, he can be found taking online surveys, studying for and teaching mid-week adult class at his place of worship, listening to more radio (mostly online) than watching TV, and providing incidental humor and, it's hoped, intentional insight for those in his eclectic orbit.  


Photo Belongs to Bruce McCulloch

Bruce McCulloch is bringing his one-man show, 'Tales of Bravery & Stupidity,' to Milwaukee Read more


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Photo credit: Antoine Davis

Winners in the Milwaukee Music category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best Electronic Artist, Best Vocalist, Best Metal Band and more. Read more

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Winners in the Dining Out category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best New Restaurant, Best Burger, Best Restaurant with a View and more. Read more

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This one-off single presents a local-scene stalwart offering what he can to help his listeners remain hopeful while remaining true to his muse. Read more

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If there’s smoked and grilled meat in the afterlife, it could well taste like what can be had at Heaven’s Table BBQ. Read more

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Lepien’s solid songwriting, just glossy enough production and distinct but familiar vocal phrasing put him in serious contention for national attention. Read more

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Photo credit: Shepherd Express staff

Chef Enrique Morales’ gourmet tacos are the new addition to the Crossroads Collective. Read more

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Lil’ Rev and Josh Fox join Penny and Dave Fox in a night of folk-blues. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Scratch Scoop Shop

Scratch’s ice cream also comes in dairy-free options that are no less creamy than their traditional ice cream flavors. Read more

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Photo Credit: Ryan Mason

Ryan Mason finds humor in his Milwaukee hometown. Read more



Photo Credit: Janice Vogt

Shank Hall show brings together a night of Milwaukee African American performers. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Rubenstein Family Kosher Oasis

No need to observe Judaism’s dietary rules to enjoy the vegetarian and pescatarian fare of the Rubenstein Family Kosher Oasis, which is located in the Ovation Jewish Home. Read more

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Photo Credit: Danny Work

Milwaukee blues guitarist Greg Koch lit the Shank Hall stage with his trio. Read more

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All Credit Goes to Nate Craig

Wisconsin-bred stand-up comedian Nat Craig to perform at The Underground Collaborative. Read more


Nashville’s two songs convey Milwaukee singer-songwriter Zach Pietrini’s artistry at prime form on this EP. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Sauce & Spice

Sauce & Spice’s pizza-making process is fast, fun and leaves nary a millimeter of that crust untopped. Read more

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All Credit to Carmen Morales and Milwaukee Comedy

Nationally known stand-up star to perform at Milwaukee antique shop Dandy. Read more



Photo credit: Manhattan Mocha Cafe

Manhattan Mocha Café, fittingly located in the Times Square Shopping Center, mixes modern sophistication with Midwestern comfort. Read more

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Photo Credit: Alyce Peterson

Autism charity Islands of Brilliance staged a multi-media delight at Turner Hall. Read more

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Photo Credit: Steve Ullathorne/Courtesy of Ashley Blaker

Jewish-British comedian brings his show to the Samson Family Jewish Community Center Saturday, Nov. 16. Read more



Keith Gasper

Amid the applause on Good Friday's As I Lay Dying/The Devil Wears Prada co-headlining bill at The Rave, there were, as might be expected at a metal concert, some devil's horns hand gestures thrown skyward by enthused Read more

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