Jamie Lee Rake

Jamie Lee Rake is a freelance writer based in Waupun, Wis. whose wide breadth of tastes in and studies of music and food put him in good stead to write about those very things for Shepherd Express. He aspires to make more of his living by way acting and voice-over work, so if you like his writing, you may want to see or hear him as well. When he's not consuming, reading or writing about food and music, he can be found taking online surveys, studying for and teaching mid-week adult class at his place of worship, listening to more radio (mostly online) than watching TV, and providing incidental humor and, it's hoped, intentional insight for those in his eclectic orbit.  


Photo courtesy of Sauce & Spice

Sauce & Spice’s pizza-making process is fast, fun and leaves nary a millimeter of that crust untopped. Read more

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All Credit to Carmen Morales and Milwaukee Comedy

Nationally known stand-up star to perform at Milwaukee antique shop Dandy. Read more



Photo credit: Manhattan Mocha Cafe

Manhattan Mocha Café, fittingly located in the Times Square Shopping Center, mixes modern sophistication with Midwestern comfort. Read more

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Photo Credit: Alyce Peterson

Autism charity Islands of Brilliance staged a multi-media delight at Turner Hall. Read more

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Photo Credit: Steve Ullathorne/Courtesy of Ashley Blaker

Jewish-British comedian brings his show to the Samson Family Jewish Community Center Saturday, Nov. 16. Read more


Milwaukee folkie Samso charms on his eponymous debut effort. Read more

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Photo Credit: Tabitha M. Mans

The comedian, who is coming to the Pabst Theater, tells us that the ‘Rant is Due.’ Read more



Photo credit: Chicken Palace de Fiesta Garibaldi Facebook Page

The Palace is a Mexican restaurant with rare dishes like rabbit or quail, as well as spectacular chicken. Read more

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Photo credit: JC King's Tortas

This unpretentious, unique torta emporium offers 22 combinations of toppings on sandwiches in two sizes. Read more

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Photo Courtesy of Anjelah Johnson

The nail salon routine that made Johnson’s name online is worth looking up for some solid laughs, and she brings her comedy to the Pabst Theater on Thursday, Nov. 7. Read more


One of Milwaukee’s newest Mexican restaurants serves a succulent goat soup. Read more

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Photo Courtesy of Innovative Comedy

The versatile comedian talks about his career and escape through laughter. Read more


The 20 songs compiled on Sad About The Times captures an era’s (late 1960s to early ’80s) peculiar emotional fragility with various spins on folk and country rock. Read more

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Photo credit: Evan Casey

Brooklyn-based Buffalo Boss bring East Coast flavors to Sherman Phoenix. Read more

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Artist: Lev Cantoral

The Chicago-based stand up is glad to explain the difference between geeks and nerds to the rest of us. Read more


On her fourth album, folk artist Katie Dahl remains an evocative chronicler of vignettes. Read more

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Photo credit: Shepherd Express staff

Villa’s Mexican Restaurant sets itself apart with fare that is hard to come by in Milwaukee, including champurrado and tlayudas. Read more

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Funky Fresh Spring Rolls in Sherman Phoenix offers imaginative, healthy and nutritional fillings. Read more

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With Kindred Spirits, Keith D. has created a work rooted in its metal genre while expanding its boundaries for those with open minds and hearts. Read more

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Image courtesy of ComedySportz Milwaukee

ComedySportz Rec League gives everyone a chance to be funny, and Cedric the Entertainer returned to Milwaukee to help Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. Read more



Keith Gasper

Amid the applause on Good Friday's As I Lay Dying/The Devil Wears Prada co-headlining bill at The Rave, there were, as might be expected at a metal concert, some devil's horns hand gestures thrown skyward by enthused Read more

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