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Drawn from Margot Lee Shetterly’s non-fiction account, Hidden Figures dramatizes the work of people whose faces never appeared in broadcasts from Cape Kennedy or Mission Control, a trio of African American women whose facility with numbers ... more

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A busy week brings Bryan Cranston, Brand New, Widespread Panic and Tegan and Sara through town. more

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"It's going to be the most exciting event that I've ever been a part of," Of Montreal singer Kevin Barnes told Pitchfork last month about his band's falltour with R&B singer Janelle Monae. "We're going to marry the two shows together, in a wa.. more

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Among the many, many reasons Janelle Monae’s debut full-length The ArchAndroid is noteworthy: It’s the first album released by P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment to feature Of Montreal. Monae hands over the reigns to guest Kevin Barnes on “Make the .. more

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Twentyyears ago Tom Pilarzyk began a daily regimen of yoga and meditation asan antidote Yoga Beyond Fitness, ,Off the Cuff more

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In a new book, The Ten-Cent Plague, author David Hajdu sheds light on what was once a much The Ten-Cent Plague, ,A&E Feature more

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