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A funny thing happened last year on LeBron James' march to “not one, not two... not six, not seven” NBA championships with the Miami Heat. James and superstar sidekicks Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were stunned in the NBA Finals by the Dal... more

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A quickfollow-up to a post from last week. Jason Whitlock’s was upset about Playboy’sdecision to give his cover story about the American penal system the offensiveand offensively-irrelevant “The Black KKK: Hip Hop is killing Black America, and.. more

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If you (like me) read Jason Whitlock’s column about his experience writing a cover story for Playboy, you’d have the sense that the magazine chose an irrelevant, race-baiting headline to make a story about the cultural costs of prisons sexier. If .. more

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Anyone with nosy parents or a jealous spouse knows that Playboy can go hand and hand with embarrassment, vicious arguments, and a frenzied dash to find a better hiding spot. Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for the Kansas City Star, can now vouch .. more

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The manresponsible for giving Milwaukee the popular Riverwalk Boat Tours,Mondo Brothers, Located at 2730N. Humboldt Blvd. (414) 562-5540. Kitchen is open Monday throughSaturday ,Eat/Drink more

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In the midst of this winter of our discontent the Milwaukee Ballet’s A Midsummer Nig A Midsummer Night’s Dream ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Reallygoodclassic cabaret is a bit like a really good cappuccino. The qualitiesthat make Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris. ,Theater more