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Find out about musical and cultural events happening in Milwaukee this week. Read more

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The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts has a rich history and an equally rich lineup of artists of all ages and styles to promote the arts. Read more

A&E Feature

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The all-ages community venue is hosting a series of concerts with hopes of repairing its notoriously leaky roof. Read more

On Music


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Present Music explored a new venue in its concert “Give Chance a Piece” at the Jazz Gallery. The music with the most impact had profound gravitas, echoing troubled areas of southeastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Read more

Classical Music

Milwaukee's coziest community radio station needs your help meeting its very modest goal. Read more

On Music

When Peter J. Woods wasn't manipulating gadgetry residing in what looked to be a couple of hollowed out Gideons' Bibles, he rode a thick knife blade over stringed instruments such as a zither or rolled a metal cup and saucer over them. Read more

Concert Reviews


Milwaukee Books to Prisoners

Ex-Prisoners Organizing will be hosting a poetry read to raise funds for the Wisconsin Books to Prisoners and LGBT Books to Prisoners. The project is exactly what the title states it is. Last year, they sent thousands of books to prisoners.. Read more


“A Study In Light: The Artwork of Dave Niec and Todd Mrozinski,” an exhibit dealing with the interplay of light and shadow, opens Wednesday, Aug. 26 at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Read more

Visual Arts

An interview witih Kj Prodigy, poet, teacher and host of the popular Tuesday open mic night at Miramar Theater. Read more

Off the Cuff

As a recentAround Milwaukee established, opportunities abound to see live music inMilwaukee this summer. But supposing you are persnickety about what sort ofsounds bounce about your cochlea, let’s see what is on the horizon in the wayof the re.. Read more

Happening Now

Voice is a potent term. Literally, it is sound emanating from oneself. Metaphorically, it encompasses perspectives, ideas and opinions. The artists in “Raise Your Voice,” on view at Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, home base of the Read more

Visual Arts

The dancers clap their hands before getting ready to stab their sharp heels hard against the wooden floor, knocking in rhythm to the percussive playing of acoustic guitars. Arms and hands swing expressively, necks turn and heels keep up the... Read more

Local Music

Tarry not, art lovers, for three rich new exhibitions will appear at the Tory Folliard Gallery on Feb. 8 only to disappear a month later on March 8. Charles Munch’s “New Paintings” continues his 40-plus-year exploration of Read more

Visual Arts

Few Milwaukee-born singers—Al Jarreau aside—have had as auspicious a career as Jackie Allen. But what is she? Ostensibly a jazz vocalist, Allen is sophistication and soul, a romancer and a restless stylistic roamer Read more

A&E Feature

The original Milwaukee Jazz Gallery transmitted a far-reaching beacon, a creative-freedom vibe even the Statue of Liberty might've caught and tapped her toe to. America's art of... Read more

A&E Feature

The deliberately campy cover of Foxy, featuring a buxom, bikini-clad blond holding a long phallic saxophone, is meant to evoke an earlier era of jazz. The music harkens to the ‘60s as well, but in a more serious vein. Saxophonist Jon Irabag... Read more

Album Reviews

Hawaiian surfing enthusiast Jack Johnson writes simple, acoustic folk- pop songs that ask nothing of their listeners. Jackson’s attitude is so low-key that it seems possible he’s genuinely unaware that he’s one of the music industry&rsqu Read more

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