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Directed by David Mackenzie, Hell or High Water works as a buddy picture and as a classic story of brothers opposite in temperament but tied by fraternal devotion. Most of all, it’s a mechanized present-day western with faster steeds and de... more

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Lebowski Fest returns to Milwaukee on Aug. 21 and Aug. 22. more

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Adapted from The Last Apprentice, the first book in a series by Joseph Delaney, the film The Seventh Son stars Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory, a knight who is all that stands between normal medieval life and a malevolent force intent upon b... more

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As The Giver opens, the viewer is immersed in what seems to be a Utopian paradise. Instead of a bleak futuristic look, the setting is comforting and sun-dappled. Retro architecture, clothing styles and other period tidbits more

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Jeff Bridges will always be best known as an actor, iconic for his roles in films including The Fischer King, Tron, True Grit and the Coen Brothers’1998 cult comedy The Big Lebowski, where he played the White Russian-sipping more

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 Safeto say: no one ever watched “Matlock” primarily for the plots. The main appealwas the star of the show, Andy Griffith, in what turned out to be his finalmemorable role. As Ben Matlock, he revived an archetype of Americ.. more

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 I had walked rather gingerly into the theatre. I'd seen touring productions of Monty Python's Spamalot on a couple of different occasions over the years. Here I was going in to see a local production on a much smaller stage on a much, much smalle.. more

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Not everyone fell in love with The Big Lebowski the first time they saw it. That includes Will Russell, co-creator of Lebowski Fest, the traveling annual festival celebrating the Dude in all his Dudeness. He admits to “feeling almost indiff... more

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The Big Lebowski came and went without ringing much change at box offices during its theatrical release... more

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The Big Lebowski is the funniest film the Coen Brothers ever produced, wrote and directed. It stars Jeff Bridges as “the Dude,” whose real name is Lebowski, which draws him into an underworld swirling around the kidnapping of the trophy wife o.. more

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The romance of being a bad-to-the-bone rambling man had long since faded into a drab routine for the ’70s-era outlaw country singer called Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). When we first meet him in CrazyHeart, Blake is 57 and broke; he drinks whiskey l.. more

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The road is onlyleading downhill until Blake meets the woman he hopes will save him, and Crazy Heart ,Film more

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The film chroniclesBad Blake, a down-and-out country singer/songwriter. Once a rising for Crazy Heart ,Film more

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Last year’s Pabst Blue Ribbon block-party celebration outside of Burnhearts in Bay View was a small but pleasant affair, a day of music and cheap PBR capped by a performance from the Detroit Cobras. This year’s follow-up event promises to b... more

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One of the most prolific and prosperous artists of the twentieth century, surrealist paint Original Lithographs by Marc Chagall ,Today in Milwaukee more

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