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 When civil rights legends Martin Luther King and Malcom X met on March 26th, 1964, it was a brief photo op. The minute or so that passed between the two men as kind of an interesting bit of fine print under a footnote to history. The two men di.. Read more


 At the center of their beliefs, two legendary activists from the ‘60’s held very similar beliefs. For Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the philosophies on how to attain racial equality culd not have been that much different. Both men we.. Read more


Herodotus may be the father of history, but many contemporary historians have no use for h Financial Times ,Books Read more


As goofy as it sounds, with the popularity of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships, competitions like the Milwaukee Air Guitar Showdown, which returns for its second year tonight at the Stonefly Brewery at 10 ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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