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Creator and performer Jenni Reinke gives a powerful solo performance as mother, wives and mistress of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Read more


On June 16, there will be a “Community Cleanup and Cookin’ Up Arthaus” event that begins with a neighborhood cleanup, followed by a program outside the Arthaus featuring live music and poetry and a barbecue. Read more

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Performing Arts Week highlights live theater, dance and classical music performances throughout the greater Milwaukee area. This week, we preview a concert by the Glenn Miller Orchestra; Bronzeville Arts Ensembles production of Flyin’ West; and a ... Read more

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The holiday season continues to loom large in local artistic productions, though not exclusively so. Waukesha Civic Theatre presents the Christmas-themed musical comedy For Purely Elfish Reasons, and Memories Dinner Theater offers An Unexpe... Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Andrea and Daniel Burkholder’s Real Time movement performance on Friday, June 3 at 8:30 p.m. at Danceworks will feature the cast of Daniel’s recent outdoor hike/performance, Scenic Route MKE. Read more



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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s final offering in Studio G, Kama Sutra (through March 26), taps the Hindu pantheon to explore love, sex and relatedness as they exist both in our time and transcendently. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Kama Sutra, directed by Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke, is described by Rott as being about “the physical and spiritual desires that connect us as humans.” The show runs March 11-26 at Studio G, and i... Read more


I grew-up in a video arcade in the early ’80s. There was a magic in darkened room with all those neon altars that formed portals to other worlds accessed through coins, joysticks, trackballs and buttons. It’s a magic that’s going to be rea.. Read more


The Quasimondo Physical Theatre Company  is going to be staging an original show inspired by the Kama Sutra this coming February. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Sounds interesting. You know what else is interesting? They’re holding open aud.. Read more


Scenic Route: MKE (4.0) features a stellar cast including Daniel and Andrea Burkholder, Dani Kuepper, Joseph Pitalek and Jenni Reinke. On Saturday, Oct. 10, ticket holders will be informed exactly where to meet the dancers at 9:30 a.m. on S... Read more

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With Giraffe on Fire, Quasimondo Theatre’s Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke have created a performance described as a “stream-of-consciousness quest to find meaning in the surreal” framed in the mind and works of Salvador Dalí. Read more



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My understanding is that Chupa Chups lollipops have not changed their logo in over 40 years. Though it’s not alone, one doesn’t normally find that kind of longevity in a piece of commercial art. Of course, if Salvador Dali designs your logo, you m.. Read more



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Quasimondo’s intense Kamikaze Cute-Sauce Cos-Play Club is an insightful exploration of culture, gender and power. Read more



Quasimondo Physical Theatre

Quasimondo Physical Theatre opens its third season in a new venue, Studio G (in Milwaukee Public Theatre’s space in the Shops of Grand Avenue), with Buboes, a spectacle of gallows humor and pedigreed clowning. Read more


For many, the human face The Oath puts on Al Qaeda is unsettling because it lacks the demonism expected from people who executed a plot to kill thousands of bystanders to a faraway conflict. The documentary’s ostensible subject is Salim Ham... Read more

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Off the Wall Theatre marks the start of its 2010-2011 season with an adaptation of Charles Busch’s campy Psycho Beach Party , a pleasantly offbeat comedy about a homicidal woman suffering from multiple, overly dramatic personalities. Read more

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Five years ago, the notion of striking out into the music industry as a full-time group had never crossed the minds of singer Patrick Hoctor and the other members of Milwaukee band Sulek. They were too busy having fun tossing song ideas to ... Read more

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