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Sure to provoke thought and reflection on familial bonds of all kinds, The Secret Mask runs Nov. 16-Dec. 10 at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St. This will be the play’s American premiere. more

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Jennifer Connelly and Cillian Murphy star in Aloft, a film by Peruvian-born director Claudia Llosa. The elliptical, time-hopping plot comes together gradually, assembled from the puzzle pieces of past and present. Aloft lacks rhythm and dra... more

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Russell Crowe appears as the biblical figure Noah, a family man ordered in his visions to build an ark able to withstand an apocalyptic flood. While all around Noah humanity has fallen into a depraved state, he and his wife (Jennifer Connel... more

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<p> With the unlikely success on Broadway of <em>The Book of Mormon</em> and the unlikely ascent of Mitt Romney, Mormonism is moving toward the center of pop culture. Now along comes another look into the strangeness. Out Aug. 21 on DVD, <em>Virg.. more

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By fusing the charcoaled riffs of Black Sabbath with the graveyard grumble of Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative all but invented their own sub-genre of metal: gothic metal. The band was never above cheap shocks or blatant publicity efforts—... more

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