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Television shows have oftenserved as fodder for Hollywood producers seeking a storyline and cast ofcharacters on the strength of name recognition. However, it’s not a formulathat usually turns into box-office gold. For every.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Though a tad older and a smidge wider, Edina and Patsy (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) are still perpetually drunk and apt to make fools of themselves—themes that make for much of the plot and the humor in Absolutely Fabulous: The Mov... more

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 Part of the humor in the British TV series “AbsolutelyFabulous” was its willingness to offend. “Ab Fab” was the middle finger waggingin the face of political correctness and the self-importance of the BabyBoomers. I.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The strange case of Valerie Plame was one of the most memorable episodes in the unraveling of President Bush’s Iraq strategy. Plame, a model-gorgeous secret agent, was exposed as a CIA operative by right-wing columnist Robert Novak after Vi... more

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For the fourth year in a row, some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants will gather in the Mitchell Park Horticultural Domes Conservatory for an evening under the conservatory’s brightly illuminated Show Dome. Attendees will be able to sample fo... more

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