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Groups across the city honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while a number of elected officials host town hall meetings. Read more

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Ruthie offers insight on coming out as well as her social calendar in the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

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With “Blacklist: The Hollywood Red Scare,” the Jewish Museum Milwaukee mounts the first large-scale exhibition on the hunt for Communists in the movie industry since 2002. Read more


Carl Bogner, UW-Milwaukee instructor and director of the LGBT Film Festival, is trying this experiment to find the most sustainable way of continuing the festival. Read more

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This summer, the Jewish Museum Milwaukee reprises its 2015 exhibit, “Stitching History from the Holocaust” with “Stitching Histories from the Holocaust.” “Histories” includes two additional stories with ties to the Milwaukee area. Read more

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Every year, MMM museums open their doors to residents, museumgoers and first-time visitors for a chance to experience five of Milwaukee's unique museum gems at free or reduced admission. Read more

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Read this week’s Saving Our Democracy (covering March 22-28) to find out how to get socially and politically involved in and around Milwaukee. Read more

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Read Saving Our Democracy for the week of March 8-14 in the pages of the Shepherd Express to find out how you can get politically and socially involved. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Jewish Museum Milwaukee is currently hosting important and informative exhibitions that take multicultural perspectives on the civil rights struggle and Milwaukee’s open housing protest marches. Read more

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Activities in the Greater Milwaukee Area peacefully pushing back against discriminatory, reactionary, racist and authoritarian actions or policies of the Trump administration, and those of his ilk. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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The Jewish Museum Milwaukee’s “Allied in the Fight: Jews, Blacks and the Struggle for Civil Rights” runs Jan. 19-March 25. Read more

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Through Dec. 31 at Jewish Museum Milwaukee Read more

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Whitefish Bay’s Gallery 505 displays a rare collection of the paintings and sculpture of Dr. Seuss, “The Art of Dr. Seuss," Sept. 14-17. There is a special opening reception from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 14. The Jewish Museum Milwauke... Read more

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As the 21st century accelerates into the future art museums, whose traditional mission has been to preserve the past, obliged to keep abreast? And, if yes, how do they achieve this without diminishing their core objective? Read more

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“Moments and Markers: An Adolph Rosenblatt Retrospective" at Jewish Museum Milwaukee presents the work of a local artist who took life around him as the inspiration for his art. Read more

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Racine Art Museum Unveils Three Summer Exhibitions, Jewish Museum Milwaukee honors Adolph Rosenblatt and the Lakefront Festival of Arts returns to the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Read more

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The Milwaukee Museum Mile hosts its second annual “Art in the City: Plein Air MKE," May 11-17. Also for the second year, “Oneida Arts: Evolving Traditions" will grace Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services, Saturday, May 13. Finally, to ... Read more

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But as shown in “Holocaust by Bullets," an exhibition at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, the infamous death camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka represent only one facet of the Nazi project of extermination. Read more

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Milwaukee has many great and well-known museums, but the city holds other venues dedicated to preserving aspects of our past, too. Here are a few of the lesser-known ones, including a pair of digital museums that dream of becoming brick and... Read more

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“Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz," is a moving testament to the power of an untrained artist with something important to express. This exhibition is on display through May 26 at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. Read more

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