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Jewish-British comedian brings his show to the Samson Family Jewish Community Center Saturday, Nov. 16. Read more


Writer-director Tom Dugan performs his one-man play about justice in Whitefish Bay. Read more

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Working in the comedy jazz lounge style of Dave Frishberg, Sam Broverman has recorded an insider’s spoof of outsider’s cultural norms. Read more

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Global Jewish Foodways is an essay collection that explores how food has helped maintain boundaries for Jews and how those boundaries and their culinary markers have shifted across time and geography. Read more


Although the Israeli documentary The Flat explores the shadows cast by the Holocaust over survivors, perpetrators and their descendants, it’s also an essay with universal significance on memory... Read more

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David Barnett Gallery's “Toulouse-Lautrec and the Paris Art Scene” (through Oct. 13) is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in French political and artistic history. The centerpiece is a rare 1897 portfolio of signed lithographs,... Read more

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The port of Marseille has always been a magnet for many nations, and like New York nowadays, it's also become a high-speed cultural blender. The French Mediterranean city is home to Kabbalah, whose new CD often sounds like an Orthodox... Read more

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Willis Barnstone, poet and Indiana University comparative literature professor, has been on a mission to shine new light on the sacred writings of Jews and Christians. The latest chapter in his often-intriguing project recovers the poetry a... Read more


“Poldek” Socha is a meaty-faced, crude man who cusses like a sailor as he navigates the sewers... Read more

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank is a powerful, timeless collection of short stories, captured in exquisite prose. Author Nathan Englander's eight new narratives hit the full range of human emotions as they charismatically e... Read more


Referring to themselves as The Artists Formerly Known As Milwaukee Shakespeare (and really, who doesn’t enjoy an early-to-mid-‘90’s Prince reference?) a group of actors under the direction of Paula Suozzi will be performing a staged reading of Oth.. Read more


Using the lightning rod of religious iconography, UWM’s Union Art Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Implosion: Cultural Integration and Transformation,” attempts to draw a through-line amo,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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