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Milwaukee’s Jim Cryns has written about sports and has delved into the horror genre. With Marry Her Anyway, Cryns connects the dots between horror and romance. His protagonist Brody, who broke his,Books more

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Adapted from the 2001 hit Reese Witherspoon comedy, Legally Blonde the Musical debuted on Broadway in 2007, telling the story of sorority girl Elle Woods. On her quest to win back her boyfriend, Warner, Elle leaves a world of fashion more

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,Sports more

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,Sports more

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It's unlikely that snow-blowing will ever become a Winter Olympic sport, and that is a shame. Picture ten of the world's best blowers lined up on a track, roaring, revving and jumping at the start. Envis,Sports more

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In September of 1971, Pappas retired the first 26 Padres he faced. The 27th batter walked and co,Sports more

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I've lived in Wisconsin since 1975 (a transplant from the Chicago area) and Green Bay sill Brian's Song ,Sports more

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It is common knowledge our economy could use a jumpstart, a super-sized dose of adrenaline. Community organizers in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee don't intend to sit idly by and hope things get better. They're gra,Expresso more

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It’s been just a few weeks since taxpayers rescued the crippled financial markets. Today, Detroit’s three auto makers are seeking a life preserver in the form of 34 billion dollars. Executives from the big three automakers have presented more

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Moneyball ,Sports more

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Stores opened their doors as early as midnight on Thursday- before the Thanksgiving leftovers were cold-hoping to give,News more

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Bull Durham ,Sports more

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Some things should not be repeated. False rumors, hurtful information and John McCain's Network. ,Sports more

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Perhaps I spoke too quickly. The Bucks opened their latest home campaign with a bang, a Ready to Rise ,Sports more

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There's only a couple of reasons I can fathom why a man would want to be a cheerleader. An Air Force One ,Sports more

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This glorious elegy was written by Walt Whitman for his slain leader Abraham Lincoln. While captains in sports weren't instrumental in freeing the slaves, and they didn't spend much time presiding over a,Sports more

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The Interstate highways across the nation, as well as the shock absorbers on the Madden Cruiser, breathed a collective sigh as NFL broadcasting icon John Madden will take a break from his magic bus. Madd,Sports more

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Milwaukee area professional baseball club has multiple openings. Great opportunity. Seven months a year, winters off. (An occasional October, perhaps every 30 years or so.) A wonderful work environment,,Sports more

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We can all sleep better tonight with the realization a deer is helping our kids cross the streets. Last time I checked most deer ended up on the front of a bumper when they tried to cross a highway or st,Sports more

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It's 9 o'clock in the morning. Nobody else in the park accept a few reporters and vendors. The hum of the air systems, a guy mopping the top of the dugout emblazoned with a huge logo for the NLDS. A few ,Sports more

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I think a man should admit when he's wrong. If you make a mistake, man-up and take the hea They Made Me Love Them. ,Sports more

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