Jim Morrison

The music of The Doors on Strange Days sounds timeless today as much as it was of its time when this album was released a half century ago. more

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KACM’s The Lizard King charts the grim final months of The Doors’ unknowable singer. more

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Most Doors fans have no memory of the two albums the band released after Jim Morrison’s death, and despite impressive looking sales figures for the first one, few fans heard those recordings at t,Album Reviews more

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KACM Theatrical Productions

KACM Theatrical Productions will present the Midwest Premiere of 'The Lizard King,' a psychedelic journey through the mind and imagination of Jim Morrison, from September 15-27.Inspired by the mythic Lost Paris Tapes, it has been 24 years since th.. more

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Pop music icon Jim Morrison had passed away in Paris in 1971. Found among his belongings were a set of recordings of poetry, spoken words and music made by Morrison largely in Los Angeles in 1969. Inspired by these “lost tapes,” playwright Jay .. more

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Indie outfit KACM Theatrical is lookingto stage the midwest premiere of Jay Jeff Jones’ The Lizard King.The biographical play about pop icon Jim Morrison is set in the final year ofhis life. The local production currently looking for funding on.. more

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Although Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek met in film school, they made their fame in music with The Doors. But an impulse to make movies persisted. The closest they got, Feast of Friends , was never completed and seldom seen in a good print until it.. more

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Originally released in 1972 in the aftermath of Jim Morrison’s death, Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine is a best-of plus a pair of B-sides. Reissued on CD, it remains a good survey of a band that packed a lot of music into a few short yea... more

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With Kurt Cobain’s death came media chatter on the “27 Club,” the propensity for rock stars to die at age 27. The passing of Amy Winehouse at that same age stimulated renewed scuttlebutt. British rock biographer Howard Sounes came to hi... more

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 TheDoors met at UCLA's film school, so no surprise that they worked to craft shortfilms to accompany their songs. At the same time, they were compelled into theawkward setting of teen television. And m.. more

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 JimMorrison’s arrests for onstage indecency have sometimes overshadowed the Doors’prowess as a live band. But as the documentary film Live at the Bowl ’68 shows,the band was no mere spectacle waiting to happen but a sharp musical unit... more

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<p> The Doors compressed more creativity into four years than most rock bands can manage in four decades. Of course, theirs was an unusually fertile cultural period and not everything they recorded ranks with greatness. Still, the best of their m.. more

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Following a difficult series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Milwaukee Brewers hope to rake up some easy wins against the perpetually struggling Pittsburgh Pirates in a three-game series that begins tonight with a 7:10 p.m. more

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Arcadia Publishing’s ongoing series of heavily illustrated booklets on local history continues with Milwaukee’s Early Architecture. With a firm grip on the city’s origins and growth, UWM art history major Megan Daniels succinctly chronic more

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Outlaws who spare the innocent in the pursuit of profit are mythologized as heroes, and outlaws from times when the law is bad are honored even more. The archetypal outlaw in the English-speaking world, Robin Hood, might never have existed,... more

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Lock up your children and bar your doors and windows—no place is safe anymore. They lurk in parking lots, malls, and restaurants. They walk among us undetected. They are our friends and co-workers. They are seemingly normal people until one... more

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Barbara Ehrenreich’s 2001 book Nickel and Dimed examined the aftermath of 1996 welfare reform, using investigational journalism to demonstrate that having a job in no way guarantees escaping poverty. Ehrenreich posed as a blue-collar worker more

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Casablanca 728 E. Brady St. 414-271-6000 ,Best of Milwaukee 2009 more

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  While everyone seems to agreethat Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) faces serious Shepherd. ,News Features more

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