Jim Sensenbrenner

The Democratic candidates for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District debate twice, while protesters hold a vigil for immigrants outside of GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s office. more

Saving Our Democracy

No one should take pleasure from all the people being hurt by the Trump Family and Friends Republican Tax Cuts, but there’s some poetic justice in the collateral damage that those tax cuts will wreak upon Donald Trump’s supporters in Wisconsin. more

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Bi-partisan support exists to continue the environmental work of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, despite efforts by the Trump administration to cut funding. more

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Don’t be surprised when you go to the polls on Nov. 8. more

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Democrat Khary Penebaker is running againstlongtime incumbent Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner to representWisconsin’s 5th Congressional District. Here are Penebaker’s answers to the Shepherd’s candidate questionnaire. Your current occ.. more

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Here’s a roundup of candidates you’ll find on the Aug. 9 and Nov. 8 ballots. more

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Thanks to gerrymandering, it doesn’t look like Democrats will be in power in the House of Representatives anytime soon. But we believe that it’s important to elect more

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The two Roberts, Duvall andDowney, Jr., make a great antagonistic father-son team in The Judge . They are supported with a sensitive performance byVincent D’Onofrio as the half-disgruntled other son. But half-disgruntled is asymptom of the film.. more

I Hate Hollywood

As the saying goes, you can’t beat somebody with nobody.It seems that Democrats are taking that to heart this election season and are even running more

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In the past few weeks, we’ve heard horror stories about the impact of the underfunding of Veterans Affairs hospitals around the country. It seems that the system can’t handle the numbers more

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If you were to believe some newspaper reports from the state Republican convention over the weekend, you’d think Wisconsin congressmen Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner were on opposite sides of a dramatic split within more

Taking Liberties

The indefatigable Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC) fileda complaint with the Government Accountability Board (GAB) claiming that thenational voucher group American Federation for Children didn’t disclose all ofthe money it spent on Wisconsin .. more

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Milwaukee's ultra-right-wing Bradley Foundation just lost a very public battle. The multimillion-dollar nonprofit is one of the largest funders of the climate-change-denying Heartland Institute, which gave in to public pressure (and public ... more

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150 years ago, a colossal shipwreck profoundly affected the city of Milwaukee. Roughly 300 people died. It is said that 1,000 were orphaned by the sinking. Last September, on the 150th anniversary of the sinking, there was a staged reading of a .. more


Long before Europeans stepped foot here, American Indians discovered how to collect the sap of a maple tree and turn it into sweet, nutritious syrup. Since then, the golden brown liquid that we love to pour on breakfast foods and add to our... more

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I don't do too much Bucks blogging because I am just not a big NBA fan. But I have to say that with these two signings and the return of Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut - there's reason to be excited for next season. The signings are enough to.. more

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The silence is deafening. It’s always amazing to watch conservative commentators feed the inflamed debate over immigration, an issue steeped in bigotry and hatred, without once mentioning bigotry and hatred.The more obvious the racism, the ... more

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When the news broke, some scoffed at the serviceprovided by the live information agents&m Shepherd ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Itseems like a logical vote for any lawmaker: mandate that all driverspass a written and road test before th,Expresso more

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