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Sunset Playhouse makes the best of one of Ken Ludwig’s least-accomplished scripts. Read more


Boulevard Theatre’s Mothers and Sons is a nuanced, powerful family drama about homosexuality, familial love and loss. Read more


Veteran local actors draw a warm and comic gravity to the stage in Sunset Playhouse’s production of Over the River and Through the Woods, a comedy by Joe DiPietro. Read more


Elaine Murphy’s Little Gem has the humor and pacing of a delightful, little Irish indie film. It’s not. It’s a stage narrative woven together from three alternating monologues. Each monologue is told from the perspective of a woman of a different .. Read more


Told through the nostalgic eye of Katrin—one of four children of a Norwegian immigrant family living in San Francisco during the early 20th century—I Remember Mama by John Van Druten (based on Kathryn Forbes’ novel Mama’s Bank Account) is a... Read more


Neil Simon’s 1968 comedy Plaza Suite  is a fun, little three-course sitcom. Three different shorts take place in Suite 719 of New York’s Plaza Hotel. A wedded couple revisits what had been their honeymoon suite. A movie producer meets with an old .. Read more



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Boulevard Theatre takes on Big Pharma with Kate Fodor’s play Rx, April 18-May 3. Read more


With a weed-mellowed flow reminiscent of a more alert, less introspective Kid Cudi, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has succeeded where most blog rappers have not: translating his early critical acclaim and underground buzz into genuine Read more

Today in Milwaukee

John Mitchell, President Richard Nixon’s attorney general who went to prison for his role in Watergate, gave one honest piece of political advice in his career. At the beginning of Nixon’s corrupt presidency, he said: “Watch what we do, Read more

Taking Liberties 10 Comments

For many who have tasted the exhilaration of a Milwaukee summer, social gatherings and drinking go hand in hand. On the financial end, with such an abundance of taverns, restaurants, brewpubs, and jazz and lakefront festivals for patrons to... Read more

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