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 WesAnderson’s latest, The Grand BudapestHotel , was inspired by the writings of Viennese essayist Stefan Zweig. Butthe director might want to point fans of his film to Simon Winder instead.Winder’s latest book, Danubia: A .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

There are more than 80 acts performing at Saturday's Eastside Music Tour, and yet somehow for its segment previewing the event TMJ4 ended up with Juiceboxxx, arguably the one least suited for live television. The enthusiastic Milwaukee rapper grac.. Read more

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Milwaukee’s alleged skills gap problem has been discussed so often that it’s been accepted as an article of faith.But a new UW-Milwaukee analysis of the local labor market casts doubt on the argument that the city lacks skilled Read more

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Now we know why Republicans aren’t very much fun on dates. Forget the Rolling Stones singing about getting no “Satisfaction.” Republicans don’t even want no “Stimulation.”When the Obama administration put together an Read more

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Selecting a college has always been one of the most important decisions a person will make, but with today’s one-two punch of rising tuition costs and spiking unemployment, the stakes have rarely seemed higher. For most of the population, a... Read more

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