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The Milwaukee folk duo Nickel&Rose push back against the genre’s whitewashing on their poignant new EP. Read more

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A lineup of more than 30 musicians played to their strengths—as well as each other’s strengths—at a potent celebration of Woody Guthrie’s songbook. Read more

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Two huge ensembles of Milwaukee musicians will come together to reinterpret the music of two American music greats. Read more

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The personal and the political intersect on New Boyz Club’s rousing debut EP. Read more

Music Feature

Oneof Milwaukee’s most exciting live acts right now is New Boyz Club, an ensemblecomprised of members of more accomplished Riverwest acts than even the band members themselvescould probably list. So far, however, the band has been slow to relea.. Read more

On Music


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Milwaukee Record's second Local Coverage concert often felt like a friendly competition to see which act could stretch themselves the furthest. Read more

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Airo Kwil’s debut full length plays like hip-hop, but it has the feel and texture of an indie-rock album. Read more

Local Music

A crowded upper flat in Riverwest is piled with empty instrument cases. A teapot simmers on the oven and an ensemble of musicians is gathered around a drum set Read more

Local Music

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) exemplifies the post-teen slacker. He's an aimless, unemployed 22-year-old, playing bass in a garage band and dating 17-year-old Catholic schoolgirl, Knives Chau (Ellen Wong). The film insinuates Scott's problem... Read more

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