John Balsley

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts’ “2d/3d” explores the compelling connections between geometry, natural forms, and the cast-off and re-imagined vestiges of industry. The six artists featured are Dianne Baker, John Balsley, Oliver Benson, Chip Gian... more

Visual Arts

Think of flesh as skin that holds our working parts together. Now think of flesh as all manner of artful dermis: paper, glue, beads, metal, wood and computer printouts, to name a few. As conceived and assembled by four more

Visual Arts

“Eternal Flesh”---The title of the current Walker’s PointCenter for the Arts exhibition features figurative sculpture in a variety ofmediums. The atypical, imaginative and primarily assemblage sculptures by fourartists visualize the human fo.. more

Visual Arts

Since “Mystery Science Theater 3000” ended its run in 1999, the cast has spent 10 years working on variations of the same theme, riffing on movies in print and online and on DVD. One of the most satisfying of these “MT3K” offshoots more

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