John C. Reilly

Stan & Ollie is a major achievement in acting for Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly and a moving tribute to the funny-sad men they portray. Read more

Film Reviews

This week's Film Clips include Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed II and Robin Hood. Read more

Film Clips

Fans of “Game of Thrones” might enjoy director Matteo Garrone’s Cannes Festival favorite Tale of Tales, an adaptation of fantastic stories by 17th-century folklorist Giambattista Basile (a one-man Italian brothers Grimm). Read more

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Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim aren’t cartoons, but they are the stars on the Cartoon Network, filling late-night airtime with “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

On this week's unceasingly cheerful episode of The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly crosstalk with station promotions director Ryan Schleicher, writer-you-oughta-hire Matt Wild and I, we talk about our favorite Milwaukee shows of 2013. Among them: Leonar.. Read more

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There’s perhaps another club or two that can claim to be as dark and musty, but Sunday night John C. Reilly and his bluegrass band performed at the only venue in the city that boasts its own hous,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

The Pabst Theater Organization has a history of working with unexpected venues, but its latest is the most unorthodox yet. Prolific actor John C. Reilly will perform an evening of bluegrass (he's recorded albums for Jack White's Third Man Records).. Read more

On Music

Calling Terri lazy is only half the story. The overweight, downbeat adolescent wanders to school and around town in pajamas, is mercilessly mocked by other kids and is a complete misfit. But he\'s also depressed and for good reason. Lacking parent.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

When the socially maladroit John (John C. Reilly) meets Molly (Marisa Tomei) while peeing in the bushes at a party he was reluctant to attend, sparks erupt between the lonely adults. Gradually, John becomes aware that Molly has a secret—there is.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Desmond Bone, the voice and driving force behind Edgar Allan Cash, entered the Circle-A Café carrying his guitars. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, his long graying hair hanging down the back, his face thoughtful and weathered. A stub of ... Read more

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In the late 1980s and 1990s, not many people would have wanted to know Arno Michaels.CenturionAt the time, Michaels was head of the white power punk/metal band Centurion, which sold more than 20,000 CDs of what Michaels calls “violent, hate... Read more

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Luke Chappelle should be a familiar face, if not necessarily name, toanybody who's regularly attended rock 'n' roll concerts over the pastfive years. He's one half of The Get Drunk DJs, the duo that spins dirtygarage-rock records between ro... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Foxx couldn't help but smirk at the ridiculousness of posing like a model in his $2,000 le beaucoup ,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

You don’t need to stretch too far to make comparisons between The Cherry Orchard, the final work by playwright Anton Chekhov, and today’s recession. Set in 1904, it’s the story of a wealthy family forced to make concessions for dr,Today Read more

Today in Milwaukee