John Cage

Milwaukee multi-media artist Thomas Gaudynski remains known for his avant-garde musical tendencies in performance and on record. That same urge to investigate is also behind his latest project, a book of essays and drawings, Re: Re: Re:. Th... more

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Present Music offers its yearly Thanksgiving concert on Sunday, Nov. 22 at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist with a free pre-concert talk by composer Christopher Cerrone at Colectivo prospect Café on Thursday, Nov. 19. more

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            Conventionally, the interviewer issupposed to be as absent from the process and product as possible. The event isregarded as a sort of verbal homerun derby. The interviewer’s task is to lob apoem of a pitch over the heart of the pla.. more

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Meet Tom Hartwig, an 80-something farmer in small-town Wisconsin whose favorite hobby is firing his homemade cannons. Hartwig is at the center of Michael Perry's touching memoir, Visiting Tom: A Man, a Highway, and the Road to Roughneck... more

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John Cage the composer was almost inseparable from Cage the essayist. They were facets of the same persona. Prefacing the handsome 50th anniversary edition of Cage's seminal collection of writings, Silence, is an introductory essay... more

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The Singing Image of Fire ,CD Reviews more

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