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Just becausemost of us are bound to abandon our New Years resolutions round aboutValentine’s Day doesn’t mean they are not worth making. The proverbial ‘they’says that it takes about three weeks to form a habit. Supposing that is true,one .. Read more

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One-time Fugees cohort John Forte was one of rap’s more promising rising stars in the late ’90s, but after his 1998 solo album flopped Forte was arrested for transferring drugs and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison. An unlikely Read more

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I've got an interview in this week's Shepherd with rapper John Forté, the one-time Fugees cohort who was sentence to a brutal 14-year term in federal prison, then rescued seven years in by a rare (and still never fully explained) commutation by Pr.. Read more

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Whether history condemns or redeems George W. Bush, this one footnote of his presidency will long spark debate: Why did Bush, a man almost ideologically opposed to pardons—so much so that he issued less than 200 of them, infuriating his base by no.. Read more

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Acoustic country/bluegrass guitarist Doyle Dykes at first paid his dues in the most traditional way possible, backing an established star—“Hee Haw”’s Grandpa Jones, of all people&mda,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  “Returnwith us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...” No, I&rsq ward ,Film Read more

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