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Recent Blu-ray and DVD releases include: “Riverdale: The Complete First Season," which promises David Lynch and delivers “Peyton Place" in its depiction of the shadows and scandals of small-town life with characters taken from Archie ... more

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In I Believe in Unicorns Davina (Natalia Dyer) is a young teen with a vivid interior life. She slips into a bittersweet journey of emotional and sexual discovery with a dangerously attractive older boy in the latest film by director Leah Me... more

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The Nazis were art thieves on a wholesale scale, and even the museums of Paris weren’t spared. Inspired by actual events, the1964 film 'The Train' (rereleased on DVD with bonus features) is far superior to a recent movie on a similar theme,... more

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ElmoreLeonard’s terse crime stories seem almost readymade for the movies, and he’sbeen eager to help translate them from page to screen. Leonard co-wrote thescreenplay for the adaptation of his novel 52 Pick-up . The 1986 thriller bydirector J.. more

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The French Connection (1971) is the most essential police-driven action thriller of the last 40 years. The new Blu-ray disc release is a reminder of how many crime movies have imitated director William Friedkin’s classic. And lately, most are imi.. more

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In the 1960s directors from the still new medium of television began migrating to the movies. One of them, John Frankenheimer, made several films characteristic of that decade’s uneasy shadow side. His masterpiece, The Manchurian Candidate (1962).. more

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The independent alternative weeklynewspaper, Shepherd Express is celebrating 25 years of The independent alternative weeklynewspaper, Shepherd Express is celebrating 25 years of ,About more

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