John Le Carre

Henry Hemmings’s Agent: The Lives and Spies of MI5’s Maxwell Knight is the biography of a real-life spy that inspired famous fictional agents. more


Furtive encounters on the wet, neon-streaked streets of Hamburg provide the backdrop for the final starring role by PhilipSeymour Hoffman, a story of terrorism, espionage and distrust, A Most Wanted Man. He was among the great actors of his gener.. more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> Released late last year, Gary Oldman's <em>Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy</em> was a Cold War drama based on a novel by the genre's master, John Le Carre. The feature film reminded many of us that the story had been brought to the screen once .. more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> It's visible for barely a blink: the date on a memo reads 1973, the time frame for <em>Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</em>an era when the Cold War was still accepted along with death and taxes as an inescapable characteristic of life on Earth. J.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Defying the timeworn archetype of the cigar-chomping, loud-mouthed insult comedian, Norm MacDonald delivers his pointed barbs from behind a veneer of amiable aloofness, allowing him to feign innocence even after the most incendiary more

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The Kohler Food &Wine Experience caters to food and wine connoisseurs, but certainly Food & Wine ,Eat/Drink more

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Bewitchingbee (2456 N. Murray Ave.) offers a variety of occult items, including powders, oils, books and jewelry. Classes on tarot card reading, psychic development, hoodoo and related topics are of,Off the Cuff more

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