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The U.S. Supreme Court passed up a chance to strike down Wisconsin’s brazenly corrupt political gerrymandering that supporters of democracy hoped would finally lead to fairer, more honest election districts throughout the country. Read more

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Wisconsin voters can do their part to preserve America’s health care protections—including coverage for preexisting conditions—by removing Scott Walker and Brad Schimel from office this November. Read more

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The cast of Fox’s "Bob’s Burgers" led a night of comedy and song at the Riverside Theater. Read more

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If you believe in representative democracy, then last week was pretty brutal. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down aggregate campaign limits to federal candidates, which inevitably will do away with Wisconsin’s Read more

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Milwaukee’s Kane Place Record Club aren’t exclusively about feel-good kicks. Beneath the agreeable swing of the popular Milwaukee soul-pop band lays just the slightest note of something more sinister, and director John Roberts has a lot of fun pla.. Read more

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What are you reminded of when Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin joins Southern Govs. Bobby Jindal... Read more

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How the Supreme Court majority will rule on President Obama's Affordable Care Act may well have been foretold... Read more

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Until this year, the UW-Milwaukee film department never participated in the Cannes Film Festival but in 2011, UWM is well represented with no less than six entrees in the Court Metrage (Short Film Corner). The department issued a DVD with the six.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Originated in 1981, the UWM Student Film & Video Festival is one of Milwaukee's longest running juried movie festivals with recent editions documented on DVD. The Spring 2010 disc includes 19 short subjects. Many simply revel in the sense of exp.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Timothy Douglas directs the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s production of August Wilson’s drama Radio Golf , the latest in a series of Rep shows directed by Douglas, including last year’s Trouble in Mind and 2008’s world Read more

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Contemporary society too often overlooks the powerful magic of storytelling. On June 21, t Dress of War and Sorrow. ,Art Read more

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Where bands like the Rolling Stones can be counted on to keep touring until the Grim Reaper himself sucks every last ounce of life from their withered bodies, other classic-rock reunions aren’t nearly as certain. Fleetwood Mac, for instance... Read more

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