The weather is changing and the ice is melting as American politicians insist that nothing is happening. Icefall: Adventures at the Wild Edges of our Dangerous, Changing Planet by John All and John Balzar is a travelogue through the Himalay... Read more


Chicago’s Armenian Sardarabad Dance Ensemble comes to South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Oct. 8. Read more

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The influence that Sanford has had on the Milwaukee dining scene cannot be underestimated. Read more

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The first sign of trouble on moving day: the family dog refuses to come inside. The second: discovering the boarded-up entrance to a disused cellar. It was downhill from there for the unfortunate family that purchased Read more

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Nehring’s Family Market is the latest addition to the Milwaukee Public Market, replacing the relatively short-lived Rupena’s. This ambitious project packing a lot of variety into a small area is owned by John and Anne Nehring, Read more

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Bush The Delusional is trying desperately to gather support for an attack on Iran before he and Cheney move to Dubai. Here is what he said, as reported in the NYT, "Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere. So, the U.S. is streng.. Read more

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John Edwards Website: John Edwards Blog: John's Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more


John McCain Website: John McCain Blog: John's Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more

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The Cactus Club, 10 p.m. Two of Milwaukee’s most novel new bands share this bill. Th Vanity ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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The Milwaukee Rep provides a welcome alternative to the usual Christmas holiday fare as director Joseph Hanreddy presents British playwright Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy The Norman Conquests. The trilogy presents the same quiet weekend in t.. Read more


Even after boogie-woogie/R&B pianist Dr. Johnhypnotized his cult following with a ser King Corn ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Last night, the UWM Union Theatre screened God Grew Tired of Us,a documentary about three God Grew Tired of Us ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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