Jones Island

August Budzisz had been fishing the lake for over 40 years by the time he loaded up his little tug Mayflower on the nondescript morning of June 11, 1925. It would be his last time out on the water. more

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It makes for a strange mix, at first glance. What do Latino Americans, Polish Americans and American Indians... more

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In the western film genre, the long and twisted trail from Indians-as-barbarians to Dancing with Wolves made a stop along the way at A Man Called Horse. The 1970 film, out now on Blu-ray, starred Richard Harris as Lord John, a British aristocrat o.. more

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Bill Withers was always a bit of an anomaly in R&B. As shown in the documentary Still Bill (out on DVD), he was in his early 30s when he went from factory worker to star, with little of the usual dues paying in the local bars. Strumming his gui.. more

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Sitting in the shadows ofcargo containers and silos, surrounded by embedded railroad trac Milwaukee Color is brought to you by WMSE 91.7 ,Arts & Entertainment more

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The first thing John Gurda wants you to know is that Jones Island was not really an island The Making of ,A&E Feature more

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