Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Tom Hanks portrays Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in the third film adapted from the Don Brown series of novels. Inferno is slavishly faithful to its source, brimming with stunning visuals and incoherent plot lines. Read more

Film Clips

Youthful host Josh “It’s Awesome!” Bernstein guides the first episode of the History Channel’s three-part series. Determined to follow the Norsemen’s path to the New World, Bernstein sails from Denmark to Iceland on a replica Viking ship... Read more

Home Movies

The cultural cross-connections are fascinating in this rambling documentary. A 1960 instrumental by the British group The Shadows, later covered by The Ventures, found its way into the 1973 album by the Incredible Bongo Band, a bi-racial Am... Read more

Home Movies

All About Eve, perhaps the most extraordinary film of 1950, remains one of the great Hollywood movies of all time. The winner of six Academy Awards, All About Eve claimed Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director and Screenplay (Joseph L. Mankiewicz).. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

There aren’t many musicians who can say they’ve upstaged the Beatles, but Joe Cocker can—although some might argue that since the Beatles song he upstaged them on was originally sung by Ringo Starr, Cocker succeeded on a technicality. Co Read more

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