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Two major off-year state elections—one in Virginia and the other in Kentucky—should have made the blood of Wisconsin Republicans run cold heading into the 2020 elections. Read more

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The Republicans’ power grab is disrupting the legal system, delaying justice, increasing costs to both sides of the lawsuit and is now coming with a price tag of $290 an hour. Read more

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Republican legislators are willing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to prevent Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Atty. Gen. Josh Kaul from performing the jobs voters elected them to. Read more

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A bipartisan proposal announced Tuesday is aimed at making testing sexual assault kits quicker and easier. Read more

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Impeachment was always a longshot. We’re the only ones who can save our country, and we have to do it the old-fashioned way. Read more

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Wisconsin’s recently ousted Republican governor and attorney general, Scott Walker and Brad Schimel, finally have something to celebrate. Read more

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By stripping Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul of the power to deliver on their campaign promises, republican legislators have openly opposed the concept of democracy. Read more

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In former federal prosecutor Josh Kaul, our state has the incredible opportunity to hire an attorney general so qualified, talented and experienced that, even with bigger races at the top of the statewide ballot, Kaul should have your full ... Read more

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There’s an effective, permanent way to protect health care for everyone in Wisconsin with pre-existing conditions: vote both Scott Walker and Brad Schimel out of office. Read more

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Given his rightwing political partisanship in office, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel does not deserve to be reelected. Read more

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While hot primary contests for governor and senator dominated Wisconsin news this summer, the statewide race for attorney general (between Josh Kaul and Brad Schimel) has been set for a year. Read more

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