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The broadcast by Kenosha-native Orson Welles became a myth, but there wasn’t much of a recorded public panic. Read more

Milwaukee History

As Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Egan relates in The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, the Clean Water Act (1972) stanched the industrial pollution of the lakes, yet failed to halt contamination from ocean-going ships introducing “noxious ... Read more


This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly culture chat with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild and I, we're discussing a new massive concert venue that didn't require any public funds: Summerfest's new American Family Insuranc.. Read more

On Music

Besidesgetting out in the open air to rustle through the leaves on a perfect fall day,there is something both nostalgic and mysterious about wandering through alittle cemetery. My favorites tend to be the ones with no gates or fences tokeep an.. Read more

Off the Beaten Path

We’ll be clear up front: We believe that the Estabrook Dam should be torn down. That said, we certainly don’t like the plan hatched to tear down the dam and we believe it sets a dangerous precedent for future sales of county-owned land that... Read more

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Shocking but true: Right-wing talk show host Charlie Sykes is my friend. Read more

Taking Liberties 8 Comments

A letter from editor/publisher Louis Fortis on the recent sale of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read more

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William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful media figures inAmerican history, left his mark in Milwaukee. By 1918, William Randolph Hearsthad become one of the nation’s most powerful and controversial citizens. He wasbeing accused.. Read more

Milwaukee History

Reliving everything that’s been lost makes Spotlight one of the saddest movies anyone who cares about journalism or their communities will ever see. Read more

Taking Liberties 8 Comments

Through open records requests, the Center for Media and Democracy found that despite his denials Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) continued his quest to shield legislators from the public’s prying eyes and conceal their secrets afte... Read more

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If you solely relied on the E.W. Scripps-owned Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for your news, you’d think that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele was a nonpartisan deal-maker with high marks from both sides of the aisle. But in reality, Abel... Read more

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You could say that Scott Walker has beengood for Journal Communications. The man generates headlines and hits onits website. Charlie Sykes is his mouthpiece on WTMJ. And the nonstop politicalads since 2010 have been terrific for the bottom li.. Read more

Happening Now 4 Comments

At the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C., I attended a taping of “The Daily Show” where Jon Stewart asked veteran television reporter Tom Brokaw a question I’ve remembered ever since. Read more

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We’re back with the latest installment of You Be the Judge, where our team of independent fact-checkers looks at a claim, puts it in context, goes beyond the carefully worded claim to break Read more

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Welcome to the second installment of You Be The Judge, where our team of independent fact-checkers looks at a claim, puts it in context, goes beyond the Read more

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Earlier this month, Milwaukee was surprised by the news that Journal Communications plans to merge with Cincinnati-based E.W. Scripps, then essentially split off into two separate entities, with newspaper operations remaining here in Milwaukee and.. Read more

On Music

Perhaps surprising today, when I came to the Milwaukee Journal from the Chicago Tribune in 1968, there was no question I was moving up Read more

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Complaints about political bias in the media, except for the well-earned ones against Fox News, usually come from partisans who are simply upset when the media report something true that Read more

Taking Liberties 5 Comments

In a recent Journal Sentinel series, journalist Craig Gilbert has documented what we’ve all known intuitively: Southeastern Wisconsin is plagued by intense political polarization fed by highly Read more

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