Judgement Day

The Harley-Davidson Museum currently displays more than 450 motorcycles, but soon it'll add another of special significance: a 1990 Harley-Davidson FatBoy used in the filming of one of the greatest science fiction movies of the '90s, Terminator 2:.. more

Around MKE

On our WMSE show The Disclaimer we sometimes poke light fun at arts organizations like ART Milwaukee and beintween for burying their initiatives so deep in impenetrable marketing jargon that you need a double major in advertising and art criticism.. more

Around MKE

Painter Elisha Ben-Yitzhak, raised in a farming community in Israel, began his art training in the 1960s. After milking cows in the morning, he would travel two hours by bus to Tel Aviv to study at the Avni Art Institute. Thus began Ben-Yit... more

Off the Cuff

After a half-year hiatus, the Pecha Kucha series returns to Milwaukee for its sixth event. The format is more or less the same: A succession of presenters give quick, informative lectures on idiosyncratic topics of their choice, backed... more

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