Dogs in Ecstasy’s internet-specific brand of humor may not always translate IRL, but it’s helped the Milwaukee trio cultivate a devoted following. Read more

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Milwaukee celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a return visit from Gaelic Storm and a big block party Saturday in Shorewood. Read more

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Milwaukee's rap scene has been in overdrive for the last couple of years, but we do our best to keep up with it. Once again we've rounded up our favorite singles, mixtapes, videos and odds and ends from the last few weeks for our periodic Milwauke... Read more

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At this point in his career, genre-bending rapper Juiceboxxx is used to being misunderstood, even in his hometown of Milwaukee, and his latest album, Freaked Out American Loser, demonstrates that he still has plenty left to prove. Read more

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Juiceboxxx brought a bit of mayhem to an otherwise polite day of free music at Radio Milwaukee’s Block Party. Read more

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"Walking in Milwaukee"

This week Midwest party rapper Juiceboxxx released the video for his latest single, "Walking in Milwaukee," and true to its title, it does indeed feature Juiceboxxx traversing his home city on foot. He's not just a fare-weather pedestrian, either... Read more

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Iconoclastic, Milwaukee-bred MC Juiceboxxx caused a stir online a couple months back when video of him suffering through a disastrous performance on TMJ 4 News Read more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of hot takes with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, we discuss a trio of viral stories with Milwaukee ties. We start with Juiceboxxx's unfortunate live appearance on TMJ4 last week, which is now.. Read more

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There are more than 80 acts performing at Saturday's Eastside Music Tour, and yet somehow for its segment previewing the event TMJ4 ended up with Juiceboxxx, arguably the one least suited for live television. The enthusiastic Milwaukee rapper grac.. Read more

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With any show there are so many more factors at play than just the quality of the acts involved. There’s the venue, the sound guy, the crowd, the available alcohol and about a million other variab,Concert Reviews Read more

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Juiceboxxx became the latest Milwaukee artist—and the first who can't be described with the terms "folk" or "indie"—to be featured on Daytrotter today when the website posted a session from the young rapper. Site editor Sean Moeller clearly enjoye.. Read more

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Winners in the Music category for Best of Milwaukee 2012. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2012

Parental concerns play out in a strange space as children become adults. Reality shifts a little and the truth evolves to accommodate. Wendell Etherly's The Inheritance explores the concerns of a mother who might not have told her son everything .. Read more


If you've witnessed Juiceboxxx on the mic, chances are your mind is already made up about him. That's because the Milwaukee rapper's in-your-face bravado tends to garner polarized opinions. Fans laud the energy and unpredictability... Read more

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You've probably heard it, but you may not have known what to call it. Singing Milwaukee journalist Jim Hoehn calls it “trop rock,” as in tropical. Hoehn's enthusiasm has yielded his fourth compilation of bands from across the United States ... Read more

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Wow. For an allegedly self-made multimillionaire plastics manufacturer who worships the free market, Ron Johnson really knows how to use government programs to his advantage. There’s a long list of government programs that have helped J.. Read more

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When it comes to food, it’s hard to deny the benefits of immigration in this country. Because of the folks who carried with them on their journey into the United States their grandmother’s recipe for meatballs, or papa’s special recipe f Read more

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Milwaukee spaz-rapper Juiceboxxx may have seemed an odd choice to open for proudly political, staunchly Afrocentric rap icons Public Enemy during their Canadian tour last month, but judging from a video diary Juiceboxxx posted to YouTube yesterday.. Read more

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Granted, Public Enemy's audience has changed a great deal since the days when the band sent chills down the spine of white America, but this still seems like a bold pairing: Hip-hop's Afro-centric elder-statesmen will be bringing along Milwaukee'.. Read more

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"This is my third show today," a visibly exhaustedJuiceboxxx announced before his nighttime performance at the showcase forIHEARTCOMIX, a loose collective of performers with a shared enthusiasm for (butvery different ways of performing) party m.. Read more

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