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Republicans are rushing a 20-week abortion ban through the Legislature. Introduced on May 22, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Bill is being heard in a rare joint committee, made up of members of both legislative houses. The bill, a... Read more

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Just weeks after the Republicans had to cancel their taxpayer-funded $500,000 biannual grant to the right-wing political front group United Sportsman of Wisconsin Read more

Issue of the Week

Frequent Jerk of the Week Julaine Appling is continuing her crusade against any sort of tolerance shown to same-sex couples. She’s filed suit against the governor for his budget provision that creates a domestic partnership registry and grants reg.. Read more

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"You're a little nervous about the gasmask, right?" asks Yisrael Campbell. With Circumcise Me ,Film Read more

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Riding a wave of renewed interest thanks to the hit film adaptation, the trend-setting Bro Mamma Mia! ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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