Junie B. Jones

Kindergarten is a strange and bewildering time of life filled with inexpressible drama and intense joy. First Stage brings the reality of kindergarten to the stage with strikingly jubilant clarity in Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook. Based on the chi.. Read more


“…this play ultimately explores what it means to give, when all you really want to do is take.” That’s Jeff Frank. He’s talking about a show he’s directing with First Stage. It’s a children’s play for ages 3 and up. We are entering a season whic.. Read more


Cuba, the small island nation south of the United States, has experienced its share of economic and political upheaval over the past five decades. Due to political conflicts between the two nations, accurate information about Cuba remains h... Read more

Visual Arts

Camel rides, belly dancers, Middle Eastern cooking demonstrations and Arabic karaoke are among the highlights this weekend’s Arab World Fest at the Summerfest Grounds. Cultural activities abound: Gorge on shish kebab, hummus and baba ghanou... Read more

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