With Juno, director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody conceived... Read more

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During the CD sales boom of the '90s, labels didn't need much of an excuse to release a tribute album, and although most of the decade's compilations were cheap cash-ins, a handful are true treasures. 1994's If I Were a Carpenter, which I found bu.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Brewers wrap up their series against the Houston Astros this afternoon with a 1:05 p.m. game at Miller Park.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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This week’s odd Billboard album chart deserves a quick glance: 1. E=MC2, Mariah Carey 2. Spirit, Leona Lewis 3. Flight of the Conchords, Flight of the Conchords 4. Bittersweet World, Ashlee Simpson 5. When Life Gives You Lemons... Read more

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On her way to Charleston, S.C., for the 37th stop on her North American tourthis spring, Juno ,Music Feature Read more

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Smart People isabout what can happen when the mind is divorced from the heart andspirit. Smart People ,Film Read more

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State Attorney General J.B. VanHollen put the kibosh on a plan to ask more minority resid What’s your take? Write: ,News Features Read more

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Some 20,000 people met at the Kohl Center to experience the Obamamagic. Our Superdelegate Senators were not there; and no members of theHouse delegation. Why not? Even without endorsing him, they could havebeen there to welcome Barack. (Too cle.. Read more

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JUNO • Ellen Page • Michael Cera • Jennifer Garner Directed by Ghost World ,Film Read more

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I have no beef with Juno. It seems that every year the public selects one quirky indie comedy for mainstream success, and especially compared to recent years' selections (Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine), Juno is a worthy pick: a genuinel.. Read more

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When we were growing up, Wheaties were considered a performance-enhancing substance. T Live From Across The Pond ,Taking Liberties Read more

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