Katherine Beeson

Two people gradually fall in love over the course of a quarter century. Love takes on a strange dynamic as two people meet once per year every year. Of course, this type of relationship is going to be complicated by all the life that happe.. Read more


Founded in 2014 by Katherine Beeson, Cream City Theater is a small, independent company focused on offering audiences plays that are new, different or have not been done in the Milwaukee area for many years. The company’s upcoming show is W... Read more


  The West Allis Players are one of those suburban community theatre groups which have been around forever. Not quite as venerable as the Bay Players, WAP has a history that goes back to 1969. The group produces three main shows per year and ha.. Read more


What’s the best response to those who are struggling during this recession? Or to those who rely on the social safety net even during good times? An auto accident or a business failure could put any of us in need of some short-term or long-... Read more

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After the traumatizing experience of starring in the 1994 sitcom “All American Girl,” during which producers alternatingly instructed her to act more and less Asian, and pushed her to lose so much weight that she suffered kidney failure, Ma... Read more

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