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Modern-day daredevils pay homage to one of their forerunners, Evel Knievel, this weekend at the Harley Davidson museum's “Generation: Evel, the Next Generation of American Stuntmen,” which runs from noon to 10 p.m. on Aug. 28 and Aug. 29. Read more

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Wednesday, August 4th brought a group of approximately 30-plus skateboarders from all walks of life carrying buckets and shovels to the site that formerly housed the world-famous Turf Skatepark, located near the Loomis Road exit off of I-89... Read more

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Firestarter Films (FSF) provides a unique opportunity for Midwest filmmakers to network with Milwaukee’s film community, showcase their work and receive audience feedback. FSF’s 10th event, taking place Aug. 15 at the Harley-Davidson Museum... Read more

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Milwaukee Artbeat really knows how to throw a party. Especially one to celebrate its one-year anniversary.Bring your maracas and an $8 donation and celebrate the theme of the evening, "A Taste of Central and Latin American Flair" at the Hi... Read more

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April 3 marks the re-opening of A Broad Vocabulary, Milwaukee's feminist bookstore recently. Closed since November 2008, this spring brings a new space on the East Side, a new ownership structure, new ideas, and new events.Presently, the pl... Read more


Someperformances are done in the traditional way, but some allow for interactionwith the audience. “They’re scenarios where things don’t turn out well andthe audience can step in and become the characters,” says Barbara ,Theat Read more


 “Iwant the audience to feel as if they've stepped into a time machine, For more information, check the M.U.T.E.S. myspace page, ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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Bewitchingbee (2456 N. Murray Ave.) offers a variety of occult items, including powders, oils, books and jewelry. Classes on tarot card reading, psychic development, hoodoo and related topics are of,Off the Cuff Read more

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TheHabitat for Humanity ReStore (801 S. 60th St.) sells new and useddoors, windows, appliances, furniture, electrical supplies and otherhousehold items. Proceeds from its sales go to benefit the local,Off the Cuff Read more

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Milwaukee native Elvis Thao, an actor in Clint Eastwood’s recent film Gran Tori Gran Torino ,Off the Cuff Read more

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Remember records? Those 12- or 7-inch vinyl discs we used to spin at 33 or 45 rpms? They're back, and their popularity is increasing faster than the price of oil during a hurricane. According to Rich Menning, whose independe,A&E Feature Read more

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Workingfrom her office at 2266 N. Prospect Ave., Mary Ellen Pride says shegives her clie Shepherd Express ,Off the Cuff Read more

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The title doesn't even begin to cover it. The majority of the action takin Brutal ,Film Read more

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Around7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, the Sugar Maple, 441 E.Lincoln Ave What is Drinking Liberally? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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 Kindof like going to the wedding of your second cousin once removed (or is ittwice Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding ,Theater Read more

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Milwaukee’schapterof the worldwide organization Food What are the basic principles upon which this group was founded? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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John Revord - Photo by Don Rask What is the network’s goal? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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