Kavon Jones

A book release party for Anna Rodriguez’s volume of poetry, Gold Leaf Bones, will be held at Voyageur Book Shop on Oct. 4. Read more


I grew-up in a video arcade in the early ’80s. There was a magic in darkened room with all those neon altars that formed portals to other worlds accessed through coins, joysticks, trackballs and buttons. It’s a magic that’s going to be rea.. Read more


An interview witih Kj Prodigy, poet, teacher and host of the popular Tuesday open mic night at Miramar Theater. Read more

Off the Cuff

For many, the human face The Oath puts on Al Qaeda is unsettling because it lacks the demonism expected from people who executed a plot to kill thousands of bystanders to a faraway conflict. The documentary’s ostensible subject is Salim Ham... Read more

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