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It’sbeen a crossroads year for Cuba, starting with Pres. Obama’s proclamation ofnormal relations with the embargoed island nation and ending with the death ofrevolutionary leader Fidel Castro. In between came an event almost.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood


Photos: Maggie Vaughn/Shepherd Express

If The Rolling Stones' Marcus Amphitheater performance was their final show in Milwaukee, it did justice to their incredible legacy. Read more

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On the eve of their 50th anniversary, theRolling Stones granted an interview to film director Brett Morgen on onecondition: "No cameras allowed in the room." The resultingdocumentary, Crossfire Hurricane (out on DVD and Blu-ray), f.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Despite all the pictures and memorabilia, The Rolling Stones 50 (Hyperion) is not to be mistaken for a coffee table book. It has incisive commentary by its authors—Messrs. Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood—and demonstrates Read more


Free of all the trimmings of other December holidays, Festivus, celebrated on Dec. 23, encourages behavior otherwise frowned upon at family gatherings and holiday parties. If one individual challenges another individual to a wrestling match... Read more

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