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Cooperative Performance stages the stories of contemporary immigrants with its debut production of Ellis. Read more


Immigrants of Milwaukee, yourstories deserve to be heard. You have two months to contact CooperativePerformance, a theater and dance collective which is calling for submissions. Whether it is through text,audio, poetry, dance, music, v.. Read more

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The Shepherd’s recurring “Where They Drink" segment features Kelly Coffee and Don Russell. Read more


It’s described as “A magical fantasy told with text, music, movement and a Rube Goldberg Machine.” Who WOULDN’T want to be a part of that? Next year, Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents Fruition of a Delusion. Written and directed by Kel.. Read more



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Cooperative Performance Milwaukee, in collaboration with Danceworks, took a hauntingly dreamy approach in turning Danceworks’ Studio A into a mid-1800s mental hospital for Kelly Coffey’s a woman’s Place. The show includes aerial work and ru... Read more


When the 2020 presidential elections take place, women will have been allowed to vote all over the US for a whopping 100 years. It’s still kind of shocking that women couldn’t vote in certain parts of the US as recently as 1919, but then ... Read more


Wisconsin’s first mental asylum was founded in 1860. This was a time when women were institutionalized for behaving in ways that were simply unacceptable to men. Not exactly a pleasant point in history, but it needs to be acknowledged. Co-Operat.. Read more



Photo Credit: Sydonia Lucchesi

This month, Cooperative Performance Milwaukee presents Kelly Coffey’s Nightmares & Lullabies: The Darker Side of Peter Pan . The title makes reference to the fact that J.M. Barrie’s creation is generally seen to be something other than dark. The b.. Read more

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Photo Credit: Kelly Coffey

Quite often when new shows get announced, it’s difficult to tell exactly what to expect. Nightmares and Lullabies sounded interesting from the start. It’s a Cooperative Performance Milwaukee program of work inspired by the works of J.M. Barrie, au.. Read more



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Shaw had described J.M. Barrie’s 1904 Peter Pan play as "ostensibly a holiday entertainment for children but really a play for grown-up people.” There’s no questioning that there’s a darker side to Peter Pan...something I’m reminded of every ti.. Read more


This November, Pink Banana Theatre stages a production of a contemporary exploration into the nature of identity. In an increasingly complex world of social networking, personality and desire have become very liquid. Carlos Murrillo’s Dark ... Read more


Although four candidates are running for a spot on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a sitting justice not in the race played an influential role in last week’s candidate forum at the Milwaukee Bar Association.The candidates were reacting to the... Read more

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Quiet expectancy colors the opening notes on this pair of Shostakovich symphonies. No. 2 was commissioned in 1927 to honor the Bolshevik Revolution’s 10th anniversary, but its modernist evocation of emotional and physical violence put it un... Read more

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“Conspicuous Consumption” at the UW-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery is part of the university’s “Food for Thought” series, which explores “how food connects us to the environment, our culture and to each other.” The s Read more

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One of Milwaukee’s most active salsa bands, Nabori celebrates the genre’s past. For their debut, Historias Del Barrio, singer Robert Figueroa and the group wrote eight original compositions in the style of the brassy, golden-age salsa of th... Read more

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Portraits on postcards—palladium postcard portraits, to be specific—reunite the 20th and 21st centuries in “J. Shimon and J. Lindemann: The Real Photo Postcard Survey Project,” the latest exhibition at Portrait Society Gallery (207 Read more

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However fleetingly, Cowboy Mouth tasted success in the mid-’90s with their minor hit “Jenny Says,” a rollicking example of the group’s rootsy alt-rock, and also their only song to experience radio exposure beyond college stations. Read more

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One of Milwaukee’s most popular summer traditions returns tonight when Jazz in the Park launches its 2010 season with one of modern jazz’s most coltishly adored acts: The Jazz Plus. The acoustic New York trio earned crossover attention for Read more

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